Jonty & Louise Taplin:

Truly lekker. Best wors we've tasted in the UK!

Pippa Ford:

This boerewors is just superb! I have 4 fussy boys and its a huge hit with them. Very tasty and juicy!

 Greg originally from Silverton Pretoria:

"Best boerewors for miles...!"

I think Greg is now on his 8th pack!

Patrick (A lovely gentleman from Zimbabwe):

"I will try a pack and will know within minutes if your boerewors is any good" - Two hours later Patrick was back with friends and bought 12 packs!!!


"I cant put into words how much better your wors is than what those other people sell. You know who I mean...."

A lady who's name I dont know...Yet!:

"My mom bought some boerewors from you the other day. Could I reserve six packs and pick them up later?" Me: "Of course you can!" Lady arrives a few hours later and I ask her if she is lives close by? "No I live in Haversham (13 Miles away) but we are having a braai and we had to have more!"