Biltong Hot Chilli Snap Sticks - 100g

Biltong Hot Chilli Snap Sticks - 100g

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Our own recipe HOT CHILLI flavour biltong. Hot with a good kick!

Extra Hot is available NOW!

These sticks contain on average only 30% of the original moisture giving it an equivalent "wet" weight of 166g of beef.

Made using only the very best grass few British beef (No funky low grade meat here!) and my grandfathers secret spice mix.

Biltong MUST be stored in a cool dry well ventilated area. If its in a brown paper bag make sure the top of the bag is open so moisture can escape as the biltong will mould if left closed up.

Consume the biltong in a timely fashion in the UK it WONT last and will go mouldy. The climate is to wet and humid, so eat!!

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