I handmake our premium quality biltong in small batches using the techniques I learnt from my Grandfather, Hans Pretorius, on his farm back in South Africa.

The recipe was passed down to him by his father and his father dating back to the "Groot Trek". History tells us that this is believed to have been the first time Biltong was made by hanging the spiced and marinated meat from the back of the ox wagon's to ensure a constant and reliable source of fresh meat and protein.

I only use the highest quality, British grass fed, hormone free, beef to ensure the quality and get the taste as close to what you would expect from a butchery in South Africa.

My Boerewors is made using only the absolute best cuts of meat (no brisket, mechanically reclaimed or off cuts) and our own proven recipe also dating back to my grand father.

The Boerewors is 100% meat with no bread or rusk filler, Gluten, MSG and preservative free.

Some say creating the best Boerewors outside of South Africa!

We now stock Bake South Africa's AMAZING Melktert, Koesisters, Vetkoek, Piesangbrood etc. in store. Delivery of these amazing treats are taken every Thursday around lunch time.